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I've moved on, why can't you?

This started...I don't even know when. It could have been the concrit meme in March, it could have been the big bang failure in April, it could have been the last rant comm that popped up not so long ago, but I do know it's gotten to a point where I have to say something.

You've done what you've set out to accomplish: You killed my love for the pairing. I've left the comm. I've moved on with my life. I stuck around for a while because I was going to post my non-bang there, but I've even decided not to do that. So I'm gone, gone, you'll never see me round those parts again. I have better things to do with my life than to troll you all, so any rumblings that various rant comms/hate memes/whatever else is my doings is your own paranoia and frankly it's insulting for you all to assume I would simply sit in front of the computer screen and scheme. If you must go around smearing my name like that, the least you can do is do it under your own name rather than under the guise of anon because that makes you no better than the trolls. In fact, that makes you a troll.

I've gotten a new journal, yes, but not as some means of chicanery. There are people out there who think that I'm going to use this journal for my evil master plan and one person in particular has been going around telling people not to friend me. I got it because I didn't want to drag the drama onto it, because I wanted a place where I could actually post and feel safe posting. That's why I'm posting this here on my old name rather than my new one. I'm not going to allow you to pollute my new fan space.

I just wanted to get my side out there because silence obviously hasn't been working. I'd rather have a civil, private conversation than a free-for-all, so if you want to contact me about this, send me a PM or even IM me, they're in my profile, otherwise, please move on.

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No Future

Fic done in hopes of getting me out of my funk. Plus I've been wanting to write these two for a long while.

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So, yes, Fantasic Four: Dark Reign makes it canon, but doesn't also make it canon that Steve and Tony weren't together in 616? Because if they had been, Civil War never would have happened and that's sort of the point of them showing us that AU. Doesn't mean they didn't love each other and all that, just, you know, they weren't in a relationship. *shrug*

This has done nothing towards getting my bang muse out of the corner it's hiding in. Hmm.

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My muse for my bang might have died. I'm not sure what to do.

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Playing with dolls and sewing. Sydney's got some new clothes.


More behind the cut, including CapShirtFailCollapse )

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Everyone can calm down now. Iron Potts isn't a weapon. Have a little more faith in the writer. He's not that crazy.

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I realized something mildly horrifying a few moments ago.

My bang is currently at just under 40k. Realistically, with what I want to do with the fic and the pacing of the fic that I've established so far, I can't see it being under 85-95k. That's not the frightening part.

The frightening part is that I'm not sure I'll be able to finish it by May 31st. It seemed a lot more reasonable when I thought I'd have a month with no school to finish it up before the final deadline. Now that I know we can't add any major scenes after May 31st, I'm not so sure.

We'll see I guess.

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Well, the good news is that it seems like everything is still there. Bad news is:

Everything has lost it's labeling and is out of order. Plus for some reason, it still is counting everything I re-added as new content, so I have duplicate files of everything. I simply cannot figure out why the project file wouldn't load since everything's there. Strange.

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My bang tried to delete itself and only partially succeeded. No, no, no, fic -- despite the subject matter, you're not actually supposed to kill yourself *begins rummaging through files to see what she can salvage*

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Wow, I'm making a stupid crazy amount of posts lately. At least compared to previous periods of time.

Anyway, who wants to help me with my Japanese homework? I'm supposed to make up some questions about a topic and ask people, and I've decided to ask Interwebs people I know about their real lives. Unfortunately my vocabulary is a bit limited, so the questions are kind of stupid. So, here goes:

What country do you live in?
How do you usually spend your time online?
When do you get online usually?
How often do you get online?

I need at least five people so please answer if you have the time.

Thanks all <3

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